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--review your proposed project and determine if they are in compliance with both State and Federal laws and regulations

--if your project involves habitat modification, we will determine if the modification reaches the threshold of “take” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and recommend mitigation if necessary

--issue “no take finding” letters for lenders or county/local government

Project Compliance

Some of the services offered by 
Webb’s Wildlife Consultants

--advise criminal and civil attorneys representing clients with current enforcement actions brought by State or Federal wildlife agencies

--advise civil attorneys representing clients in wildlife related law suits, such as wildlife identification and legality of sale

Legal Issues

-provide identification and advice to Auction Houses and retailers on the legal sale of wildlife and wildlife products being sold in both inter-state and intra-state sales, as well as foreign transactions

Sale of Wildlife

--provide aerial surveys for eagles, threatened and endangered species and migratory birds for industry as well as for State and Federal wildlife conservation agencies

--provide aerial surveillance for law enforcement agencies utilizing the company Cessna 182

--provide aerial photography of specific locations, proposed project locations and building sites

Aerial Work

Corporate Assistance

--advise land developers, wind power companies, mining companies, petroleum companies, electric power companies, highway construction companies, etc. on compliance issues involving the new Eagle Protection Act regulations and other Migratory Birds Treaty Act issues